Juicing for beginners

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This past week on vacation of all places; we ended up with a brand new juicer! It’s the Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900-Watt Juicer. Our first I should I add. We knew we’ve always wanted to get into juicing but not sure how and would it even be good….But let me tell you within the past few days (I know its only seen a few fruits and veggies) But again, it is already life changing! Yes yes we know new year means  new goals and workout plans. This might just be the jump we needed, not mention the treadmill we are currently looking into. Suggestions are welcome!

Ok so back to juicing. Do not be intimidated by it, like I was. Start off slow with a couple of really easy recipes. 2-3 ingredients max. In doing some research I have found a few really important things to remember. Below is a list that has already helped us out.

  1. Use the 80/20 rule: 80 percent veggies, 20 percent fruit. Obviously we don’t want to up our sugar intake!
  2. Best to do first thing in the morning: When you have an empty stomach your body will readily absorb anything you fuel it with. So if you’re fueling it with healthy veggies and fruits, you will be able to benefit all the nutrients from the fresh juice.
  3. Not everything can be juiced: Example things like avocado & banana don’t contain liquid inside so don’t bother. These will not extract a drop of juice. (but they can be added to any food processor/blender) I’ll include some recipes later with these added.
  4. Go Organic: Ok I know what you’re thinking, buying all this fresh produce can be an added expensive in it self, buuuuuuuuut, you will have the peace of mind knowing it won’t have any pesticide residue.
  5. Rotate your recipes: Even with vegetables, too much of a good thing is bad.

I’ll be back to update my juicing section as I try out more recipes.

Right now we have one we really love.

Rise & Shine

  • 3 carrots
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 pear
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 inch ginger root


Now this ORANGE juice! Serve over ice or in a frosted mug. ENJOY!

The Chameleon



No playroom, no problem

We moved into our house 4 months ago and I am still trying to figure out how to keep it organized. I must have re arranged and arranged things 56 times. It is a 3 bedroom home with plenty of space. Well until the toddler years showed up. We turned the 3rd bedroom into a workspace/guest room. I believe a bedroom should be just that, a bedroom. Peaceful, quiet, & relaxing! So where to put all the toys?IMG_0067

You can see that putting 2 of these 4 cube organizers together doesn’t look great. Don’t mind the crayon on the floor and on her frozen ride. Notice the amount of toy junk just thrown in crates. Guilty. It’s much easier when you’re in a hurry to just throw whatever into an open spot. But NO MORE, I can’t take the clutter!!!

I’ve always said I refuse to let my home turn into a crayola crayon. Stuffed animals, dolls, push toys, ride on toys, blocks, books, and the list goes on. Before you know it they have invaded every room of the house! As she grows and moves on to new stages we have to purge old toys. Only to make room for more of the toys & learning tools. I’ve come to the conclusion; after living like a border line hoarder, less is more. Toys in general. Luckily we have ample space in our attic to store toys for the possible round 2.

As soon as I put up the chalkboard calendar it hit me, this will be the home for her toys! (click here for my chalkboard blog ) I found this 8 cube organizer at Walmart. The birch color was perfect for this space. When we got home my little babe was so excited to help me put this together! The first 10 minutes anyway…

IMG_0462Here’s our simple solution of making the most out of the space we have!IMG_0468

Everything has a place. I must have gotten rid of a laundry cart full of toys! Things that didn’t even make sense for her age. Yes, it was cleansing. Playtime will be much more enjoyable 🙂

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Sash Window Chalkboard Calendar


I have always wanted a giant chalkboard wall in our house! Thanks to the previous owners who already painted one. Although it was not functional for me. The walls are textured so it is almost impossible to write on. Plan B. Create a chalkboard calendar out of something else. I though about plain wood, paint it and hang it. Kind of boring. So scrolling through Pinterest, google etc. etc..I came across the idea of an old wood sash window!!! Easy right? Sure if you want one ready to hang. Etsy is where you’ll find them. To me rescuing one would be more fun and I can make it my own. The only problem was they were far and few between. I checked craigslist daily and finally came across a posting for a ton of different Windows/ doors etc.. The posting said:


imageWe have about tons of antique wood windows from Alabama Georgia. They were salvaged from a homes that was built in the late 1800s to mid 1900s . They are single, 4, 6 and 8 and 9 pane, some have chippy paint and some don’t. Great for crafts. Top and bottom sashes available. We also have several old doors. Solid wood. Great for projects.

I immediately texted the phone number listed. Asking price, dimensions etc. and got a fast response. They person said they didn’t know dimensions off hand but would have the windows at the Picker Place Vintage Market the coming weekend. Perfect. I don’t have to meet this person, which we all know craigslist is full of sketchy folk. And I get to browse at a vintage market, full of other amazing things I must have, I’m in!

After rescueing this antique window I stopped at Home Depot to pick up some chalkboard spray paint. I like the spray paint better for this only because I know it will be super smooth after it dries. Unlike the chalkboard paint which can leave streaks.  The window was in used vintage condition with some paint chipping off. I thought about sanding it am down and re painting it, but when I got it home I was very happy leaving it in the original state just cleaning it up as it adds more character with the shabby chic look!


  • Window/door of choice
  • Chalkboard spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Sand paper
  • Picture hanging kit (home depot)
  • Wood labels (Michaels)
  • Stamps/Stencils
  • Acrylic paints/brush

First I wiped it down with water/dish soap and lightly sand off and loose paint. Next I taped off all the wood and once more cleaned the glass in prep for the spray paint.


Time to lug it back to the garage…I lightly did one coat with my chalkboard spray paint. Let it dry for about 30 minutes and went over it again lightly. I did this for about 5 coats and set in the sun to help it dry faster. I let it sit overnight before taking the tape off.


After taking off the tape I was amazed it actually looked like one I saw on etsy for well over $100! Next up was to add some personal touches. I had gone to Michaels to get some type of wood labels to show the day of the week. I wasn’t sure if I was going to stencil or stamp this so I got out all my supplies:

Stenciling turned ugly real quick. So I used stamps and lightly sanded over it to make it look a bit washed out. I also added some more paint color on the chipped spots to again make a more “washed out” look. I then hot glued the days of the week to the window!


After everything was dried I attached the picture hardware kit. Finally it was ready to hang and get some good use!imageimage More to come on what we added next to this odd space….


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I started dabbling with essential oils about a year ago and now I am totally convinced they actually work! Since I’ve been using them I haven’t had a good place to keep them. I found this old cabinet at a thrift store and thought, perfect! Unfortunately I didn’t take a before photo this one here is pretty close to what it looked like minus the shot glasses:

It definitely would work but I had to revamp it. I painted it one of my favorite colors: winters blue by glidden. I wanted to add the word Apothicaire with a first aid cross to the plexi glass part. Let the stenciling begin! I stenciled the word (this took multiple times as it would not line up right). I made the first aid stencil from an image I found. No it’s not perfect, it is still off centered but given the time I had I just went with it. I felt that it gives more of an antique look. I also added a knob for an easy pull. It does have a latch on the side to lock or to keep it closed. The final step was a little distressing with a 60 grit piece of sand paper. I sanded until I felt it was rustic looking.

 I put other letters down to try and see where it would actually end up. Still couldn’t get it centered!

A big thank you to my hubs for hanging this heavy cabinet. It wasn’t easy but it’s not going anywhere now! I have to get more oils to fill this baby up! My go to local herb shop is Roots and Leaves. They are the best around for prices, knowledge, and selection!


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Dresser refashion

Before and After
Before and After

I was so excited to get my hands on this! It came out better than I planned. This 3 drawer dresser is from Target when they sold the Rachel Ashwell shabby chic line. It was perfect for Amelia’s room at the time. Now that she is a toddler her room has taken a new direction. We didn’t think we would actually need a dresser in our room. Thank you to the previous owners who built a custom master closet!! Long story short we ran out of room, go figure. So we lugged the white beast in (I was very happy) clearly it didn’t go at all with our bedroom theme, but I had ideas. Now for the fun…here is a before stock photo I guess I didn’t take any when it was in her room.


I have always wanted to do a two toned dresser but was worried about the colors. I kept it in our room color family. Nothing crazy, this time. Sticking with the blue/grey theme. First I wasn’t sure about sanding the beast, so I just started applying the main color. It went on really smooth. I don’t know the exact color because I bought the gallon at a sale price in the mistake area at Home Depot. It is a matte navy. The drawer color was also Glidden paint + primer (winters blue).


After I got the main dresser painted I moved to the drawers. Again no sanding needed. The paint went on smooth.


The sides didn’t have to be painted, but they did! I was actually going to stencil something on them but ran out of time. It was a crazy weekend here.  After everything dried I started to SAND and distress!


Sanding only the areas where the detail would pop, or where you would normally get a lot of wear and tear. I used a 60 grit to lift the paint faster. Then I moved onto the wood stain. Yes wood stain over paint! Wipe it on. Especially the areas that were sanded and across the front of the drawers too. Let it sit until it gets tacky and wipe off. I like to use a piece of old denim to wipe, it doesn’t absorb as much as a towel would. Again not wiping the sanding areas as much to get that old vintage wood look. Let it sit a little longer in those spots. Repeat until you get the desired color you want. Keeping in mind it will darker the paint color.


The two toned colors came out so beautiful together! I want to refashion our IKEA Malm bed frame next…


It does take a long time to dry so their is plenty of time to play with the desired look. When it’s exactly how you want it wipe on a thick coat of poly. I had to with the darker color being so matte. I know how little sticky fingers can mark up a matte piece real quick. I also wanted to update the knobs, so I looked in my craft area. I found some porcelain flowers that would really pop on this piece! The rest are plain silver.


Total cost $12 for quart paint. I had all the other materials. Not too shabby for a great master dresser!


I absolutely love it!!

The Chameleon


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Not a fun little Saturday

Today started out great, a few odds and ends around the house, collage football of course swim and play! After the swim Munch decided to ride her scooter; as she was trying to put it up on a step she took a nasty face plant into the concrete. Initially we couldn’t tell what was chipped or cut etc…First time parents reaction “we gotta take her to ER”. She was acting totally normal after the cry from taking a fall. Pointing and calling out the word “ball”. After seeing the Dr she said the scrape on her chin is not a big deal, neosporin. But her top two teeth are loose. One is chipped so they may fall out. “FALL OUT” is literally all I heard…tears pouring down my face as the Dr continued on about watching her teeth closely for the few days, no hard foods, etc etc… and probably not even that. As she pointed to her pacifier. What no paci sister? That is the ONLY thing that calms her. Oh shit, this is worse than I expected. Possibly no teeth until the adult ones come in. Like 7 years with no front teeth, again the tears and sobbing began. Our sweet little munchie moo! We will be going to a pediatric dentist as soon as she is healed up. Al and I are both sick over the whole situation. Since we’ve been home we’ve tried keeping her calm by watching Frozen and reading books. Along with a very long needed nap for everyone. Pins and needles for the next few days in hopes her teeth are as strong as her spirit.

Smiling with her chipped tooth after we got home… As momma & dada can’t keep from getting upset.

Resting on the cozy couch with pinky the pig, watching Frozen.

The Chameleon


Macbeths Poolside Chateau

It’s been a long road to get our dream house! But we did it! From laying awake every night checking out new listings, taking tours of properties, gathering a mountain of paper work to submit, to spending hours on end packing our the rental house we lived in. If you’ve been to Hyde Park you know how much stuff we had. We are so happy to finally be moved in. Now for the unpacking….at least we can do it with our suits & smiles on!

Welcome to Macbeths Poolside Chateau!