I started dabbling with essential oils about a year ago and now I am totally convinced they actually work! Since I’ve been using them I haven’t had a good place to keep them. I found this old cabinet at a thrift store and thought, perfect! Unfortunately I didn’t take a before photo this one here is pretty close to what it looked like minus the shot glasses:

It definitely would work but I had to revamp it. I painted it one of my favorite colors: winters blue by glidden. I wanted to add the word Apothicaire with a first aid cross to the plexi glass part. Let the stenciling begin! I stenciled the word (this took multiple times as it would not line up right). I made the first aid stencil from an image I found. No it’s not perfect, it is still off centered but given the time I had I just went with it. I felt that it gives more of an antique look. I also added a knob for an easy pull. It does have a latch on the side to lock or to keep it closed. The final step was a little distressing with a 60 grit piece of sand paper. I sanded until I felt it was rustic looking.

 I put other letters down to try and see where it would actually end up. Still couldn’t get it centered!

A big thank you to my hubs for hanging this heavy cabinet. It wasn’t easy but it’s not going anywhere now! I have to get more oils to fill this baby up! My go to local herb shop is Roots and Leaves. They are the best around for prices, knowledge, and selection!


Thanks for reading my blog!

Always more to come,

The Chameleon

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