Dresser refashion

Before and After
Before and After

I was so excited to get my hands on this! It came out better than I planned. This 3 drawer dresser is from Target when they sold the Rachel Ashwell shabby chic line. It was perfect for Amelia’s room at the time. Now that she is a toddler her room has taken a new direction. We didn’t think we would actually need a dresser in our room. Thank you to the previous owners who built a custom master closet!! Long story short we ran out of room, go figure. So we lugged the white beast in (I was very happy) clearly it didn’t go at all with our bedroom theme, but I had ideas. Now for the fun…here is a before stock photo I guess I didn’t take any when it was in her room.


I have always wanted to do a two toned dresser but was worried about the colors. I kept it in our room color family. Nothing crazy, this time. Sticking with the blue/grey theme. First I wasn’t sure about sanding the beast, so I just started applying the main color. It went on really smooth. I don’t know the exact color because I bought the gallon at a sale price in the mistake area at Home Depot. It is a matte navy. The drawer color was also Glidden paint + primer (winters blue).


After I got the main dresser painted I moved to the drawers. Again no sanding needed. The paint went on smooth.


The sides didn’t have to be painted, but they did! I was actually going to stencil something on them but ran out of time. It was a crazy weekend here.  After everything dried I started to SAND and distress!


Sanding only the areas where the detail would pop, or where you would normally get a lot of wear and tear. I used a 60 grit to lift the paint faster. Then I moved onto the wood stain. Yes wood stain over paint! Wipe it on. Especially the areas that were sanded and across the front of the drawers too. Let it sit until it gets tacky and wipe off. I like to use a piece of old denim to wipe, it doesn’t absorb as much as a towel would. Again not wiping the sanding areas as much to get that old vintage wood look. Let it sit a little longer in those spots. Repeat until you get the desired color you want. Keeping in mind it will darker the paint color.


The two toned colors came out so beautiful together! I want to refashion our IKEA Malm bed frame next…


It does take a long time to dry so their is plenty of time to play with the desired look. When it’s exactly how you want it wipe on a thick coat of poly. I had to with the darker color being so matte. I know how little sticky fingers can mark up a matte piece real quick. I also wanted to update the knobs, so I looked in my craft area. I found some porcelain flowers that would really pop on this piece! The rest are plain silver.


Total cost $12 for quart paint. I had all the other materials. Not too shabby for a great master dresser!


I absolutely love it!!

The Chameleon


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