Not a fun little Saturday

Today started out great, a few odds and ends around the house, collage football of course swim and play! After the swim Munch decided to ride her scooter; as she was trying to put it up on a step she took a nasty face plant into the concrete. Initially we couldn’t tell what was chipped or cut etc…First time parents reaction “we gotta take her to ER”. She was acting totally normal after the cry from taking a fall. Pointing and calling out the word “ball”. After seeing the Dr she said the scrape on her chin is not a big deal, neosporin. But her top two teeth are loose. One is chipped so they may fall out. “FALL OUT” is literally all I heard…tears pouring down my face as the Dr continued on about watching her teeth closely for the few days, no hard foods, etc etc… and probably not even that. As she pointed to her pacifier. What no paci sister? That is the ONLY thing that calms her. Oh shit, this is worse than I expected. Possibly no teeth until the adult ones come in. Like 7 years with no front teeth, again the tears and sobbing began. Our sweet little munchie moo! We will be going to a pediatric dentist as soon as she is healed up. Al and I are both sick over the whole situation. Since we’ve been home we’ve tried keeping her calm by watching Frozen and reading books. Along with a very long needed nap for everyone. Pins and needles for the next few days in hopes her teeth are as strong as her spirit.

Smiling with her chipped tooth after we got home… As momma & dada can’t keep from getting upset.

Resting on the cozy couch with pinky the pig, watching Frozen.

The Chameleon


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